May Wrap-Up

I only read 5 books in May and I read all of the 5 books in less than a week. My exams ended on 15th May and I read my first book – after two and a half months of no reading – on 18th May. Then I read another and then I read three more on Sunday when I held my very own 24 hours readathon. It went well. I read three books but then I stopped. I didn’t feel like reading.

I was reading 2 books at the same time (for the first time ever. But, it didn’t go well, in case you’re wondering) and I had just finished one. I’m in a kind of a life slump. I just wanna sleep and do nothing at all. Anyway, I haven’t written the review of the five books I read but I have rated some of them and wrote the review on my Goodreads. So clicking the title will lead you to my Goodreads review:

How many books did you read in May?

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9 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up

      1. 😀 May was CRAZY. We had a few weeks when I left the office only after 10 pm and had to be back at 8 am on the next day. I am glad that it calmed down a little bit.

        My GoodReads goal this year is the same as last year – 50 books. But I always hope to read way more. I was able to read 60smth last year and maybe I will get to 100 this year?? 😀


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