My Top Most Anticipated Books For The Second Half of 2017

These days I’m late to almost everything. I was obviously going to post this on Tuesday but due to my lack of motvation, I couldn’t. I had already written the post but was too lazy to edit it.

Anyway, I’m not anticipating a lot of books this year. The reason is that I’m not that active on social media anymore and that’s why I’m unaware of many of the (hopefully) good books releasing this year. I only know a few and I’m going to mention them only.


  • Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali – This is about a Muslim Hijabi girl who is also a photographer. This is written by a Muslim author and she’s such a lovely person! I’m really excited to read it.


Lucky in Love The Library of Fates

  • Lucky in Love by Kasie West – I hate this cover. It’s cheesy and really the kind of cover that makes me not to read a book but the things is; I like Kasie West’s books and that’s why I’m excited to read this one. I hope it’s not like By Your Side because I didn’t like that one at all..
  • The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana –  A book about Indian Folklore? I’M IN!! It’s apparently perfect for the fans of  The Star-Touched Queen – I actually abandoned the book – but I’m excited for this one!


Before She Ignites (Fallen Isles Trilogy #1)


Forest of a Thousand Lanterns (Rise of the Empress, #1)

  • Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao – This is an anti-heroine “East Asian fantasy reimagining of The Evil Queen legend” with witches and The Evil Queen herself. I’m in love with stories about anti-heroines and really excited to read this one.



  • Whichwood by Tahereh Mafi – It’s a book by my FAV AUTHOR! But that’s not the only reason why I’m excited. Here why: a) There’s a Hijabi on the cover b) THAT COVER! c) It’s a companion to Furthermore which, by the way, I adore! d) a dark Persian fantasy about a girl who washes dead bodies of people… Do I need to say more?

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

What are the books you’re anticipating the most?


13 thoughts on “My Top Most Anticipated Books For The Second Half of 2017

  1. I’m actually getting excited about the last two ones now. I have read Furthermore and I also came across the synopsis for this book but I didn’t know that the books were going to be set in the same world-ish. The cover is awesome and a girl who washes dead bodies? WHAT?

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      1. The cover looks stunning though! And the girl is Persian? It’s a bit odd, wouldn’t you say? Considering the world of Furthermore is fictional.

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  2. Oooooh yes, books to add to my TBR! The only one that I really know is Lucky in Love by Kasie West and I have that on my TBR as well! I LOVE Kasie West books so much and I can’t wait to read this one! Awww, but I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy By Your Side! Can’t wait to check out all of these books! ❤


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