Review: Pulse: The Trial by R.A. Crawford

Pulse: The Trial

Title: Pulse: The Trial

Author:  R.A. Crawford

Publication Date: January 17th, 2016

Format: ebook (ARC)

Genres & Themes: Science Fiction, Young-Adult, Action.


It’s been 100 years since the inter-galactic organisation known as PULSE intervened to liberate the women of Earth. Now purged of its male population, the women have embarked on a journey to take their place in the all-female cosmic society.

In order to enlist in PULSE’s renowned military, earthlings Stella, Faye and the rest of their class must face the Trial. Only a few human women have ever conquered the perils of this three-day expedition across one of the most dangerous planets in the galaxy.

The girls must learn to work together in order to survive the threat of vicious alien beasts, scorching desert sands and icy mountain peaks, all while being hunted by an unstoppable and deadly foe.


Thanks to the author for sending me an eARC of the book in exchange for an honest review

This book was a really entertaining read. It’s an action-packed sci-fi book with badass protagonists along with a bunch of creepy aliens – one of them doesn’t even have a pupil. The best thing is that it’s really unpredictable so there’s no point predicting what’s gonna happen next or who’s gonna die.

This book takes place in futuristic Earth where no man is present and the Earth is inhabited by women as well as aliens. PULSE is an intergalactic organisation and to become a PULSE militant, earthlings have to go through a test or trial. The interesting thing is that they don’t know what or who they’ll face during the trial but all they know is that it will be on another planet and quite challenging and daunting. Only a few students can pass this test so you have to be really brave and smart if you want to win it because not passing the test means dying.

One of the things that I like about this book is that the characters are quite realistic unlike many other YA Fantasy heroines who are either an epitome of perfection or “the average-looking special snowflake”. Like, Stella is really impulsive and a bit stupid but you have to accept it because that’s her personality and stupid is what she is. The character development is also commendable. I like how the trial transformed and changed some characters while at the same time, new friendships forged among them.

The author has also done a great job at writing the book because the descriptions are quite vivid. While reading the book, the images came to my mind. So I think that the writing is done quite well.

What I Didn’t Like About This Book:

  •  The world building was weak. There’s no history on how the men disappeared or extinct and how the aliens came to Earth. I want to know when it all started, how everything happened.
  •  There was this character who appeared out of nowhere and I was like


  • I mean, the author explained a little about her but it still was confusing. I would want to say more but I don’t want to spoil anything.
  • Stella – one of the main characters – was really annoying at the beginning. She was like “Oh, I’m the best” and blah blah blah. She was really stupid – as mentioned above – at the beginning of the book. Thank God, her character development was good because she got on my nerves way too much.

One of the coolest things about this book is the huntress. Yep, there is a crazy huntress on this other planet to make the test even more miserable because she’s on a mission to kill all of them. Although, it’s kind of like “How did that happen?” because the MC kills the huntress or wounds her badly and you think that she’s gone but then she appears out of nowhere.

 ryan seacrest GIF

I honestly wondered if she possessed the philosopher’s stone or something because why the hell is she never dead? It honestly, got really annoying when she started appearing everywhere. Take a chill, girl.

I’ll recommend it to you if you like action packed sci-fi books but if you’re one of the sensitive readers, I wouldn’t. There are too many people dying in this book and it’s really graphical. I personally enjoyed this book a lot and I’ll definitely read the sequel!


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About the Author:

Ryan Crawford

R.A. Crawford has always been a big time sci-fi and fantasy fan. Most of his childhood was earnestly consumed by weekend-long Final Fantasy marathons, movies he certainly wasn’t old enough to watch, and books borrowed but never returned to the local library. After years of procrastination and despite working full-time his passion for rich space opera and high fantasy storytelling led him to finally put pen to paper on his debut novel. The resultant book, PULSE: The Trial, is the first in a series of books centered around an all-female galactic society.
Having never quite grown out of Star Wars novels, Star trek episodes, Green Lantern comic books and Final Fantasy video games Ryan currently rested in Surrey – UK where, along with his wife, he embarks on the journey of teaching his two children why Gimli is the best character in LOTR.

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