Hi, I’m Back!

I’m honestly so excited I don’t even know how to start this post.

Hi, I’m back! Do you remember me? I’m that lazy book blogger from Pakistan. I have been away for so long – four and a half month to be precise – that I feel like I have been forgotten in the blogging community. Honestly? It would be a surprise if any of you remembered me. I’m such a bad blogger, though. I don’t know how and why people are still following me but thank you SO much to everyone for still following me, to all the new followers who have followed me these past few months, to everyone who didn’t unfollow me, and to everyone who still remembers me and reads my posts because surprisingly, I still got a lot of views on my blog during my hiatus.

But, let’s not talk about the hiatus because my exams are over and I’m free from the hell. I’m done and I just wanna read now. Do you know it’s been more than TWO FREAKING MONTHS since I have picked up a book? I don’t know how I’m still sane (or maybe I’m not…) but I literally can not wait to get back to reading and blogging. My TBR has also grown triple in size since my hiatus. All I imagine now is my TBR turning into a big monster and eating me and… that’s scary.

BUT since I have been away for so long, I have some great news to make up for it. No, I’m not holding a giveaway. I’m too broke for that. However, I will be:

  • Changing the appearance of my blog. This is not because I hate the current appearance but because I’m not too happy with it. I don’t know the kind of graphics I want or whatsoever because I’m not artistic or creative so this is gonna take a long time.
  • I will also be posting less. That doesn’t mean that I will be inactive BUT it means that
  • I’ll be posting more quality content and promote it rather than posting useless stuff every single day because quality > quantity.
  • I will also not be reviewing every single book I read on my blog. I might post a mini review though. Most of my reviews will be posted on Goodreads. This is because I’ll be reading many books so I don’t want everything to be published on my blog.
  • I’ll also be participating in Read-a-thons! This is because of my immense TBR and I’ll be keeping you all updated with that. In case you might not know what a Read-a-thon is:

A Read-a-Thon is an event with a time period where you set a certain goal. Goals can be to read more books in that time period than you normally would or to read books centring around certain themes. 

Let’s get to the Reading part:

I have already mentioned that I haven’t read a book for more than 2 months so the last fiction book I read was Because I Love You by Tori Rigby. Actually, the last book I read was this self-help book but that doesn’t really count. 

I have read 10 books and my goal is to read 30 books but I’m definitely gonna read more than 30 because… 30 is not really a goal. Anyway, this is an overview of everything I read so far:


So I guess that’s it!

I’m really excited to get back to blogging and reading books and even though my TBR is already a huge mess right now, I would still love some book recommendations!

Tell me what you have been doing? how many books have you read? How is 2017 treating you so far?? Chat with me!

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12 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Back!

  1. Oh I am so excited to see you back ❤ It must be a relief to be done with exams and have more time to focus on other things. I am excited to see what you decide to do with the blog (although I think it is currently very nice!). Read-a-thons seem like a brilliant way to tackle that pile 🙂

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  2. i kinda followed you WHILST you were on your break so WELCOME BACK! Or should I just say Welcome because there is no ‘back’ for me? I hope your exams went well, I’m so excited for your posts I need to follow you on Goodreads and good luck on your new design ❤ YAY!

    Liked by 1 person

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