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 I don’t check my blog a lot because of hiatus but today I got the notification that I have reached 700 followers and I was like

what abc castle how nathan fillion

I was so surprised because I’m not even active but still many awesome people are following me everyday. THANK YOU, YOU LOVELY SOULS! Sending you all the love and cupcakes. ❤

the simpsons simpsons hello hi hey

Welcome to my non-existent book club and I assure you, I’m quite entertaining just wait til I come back from my hiatus.

And yes, I’m still on hiatus but I miss blogging so much. It’s been like two months since I posted my last post. I can’t be an active blogger at the moment because I’m still not done with my exams yet – FYI, the exams date is still not confirmed but the expected date is 25th April. But, I thought why not write a post to update you all on how much my life sucks right now.

So, I’ll be talking about reading, books I have read so far and an exciting news that I wanna share! (Exciting news for me but, please, pretend that you are excited for me.)


I haven’t had time to read a lot but I still try to read a little here and there. I go to this Academy for extra classes and there I find a good amount of time to read during my study gaps, which is awesome.


People mostly come to me and they are all nosy like “What are you reading?” which I actually don’t mind telling them about because I get to talk about books and who doesn’t love that? But, I hate the part when they act all bored when I start to talk because haha, guess who asked me about the book? YOU! and they say stuff like
Books are boring. Don’t you fall asleep while reading them.
I CAN’T READ A BOOK. They’re so long and boring.

How can you read this? We can’t even read our course books?” I don’t like reading my course books either. (Which is actually a lie because I’m a Hermoine)

But they ask so many stupid questions that I feel like saying: LEAVE ME ALONE WITH MY BOOK. (I’m actually a very nice person so I only say stuff like this in my head.)

And I have this really annoying girl at the Academy who keeps talking to me WHEN I’M READING A BOOK and laughs and say stuff like, “I must be disturbing you. Ha ha!” YES, YOU ARE! But, instead of shutting up, she starts talking again. You see how patient I am now?

shut up

books iread.jpg

Here are some of the books I read recently:

Adulthood Is a Myth (Sarah's Scribbles, #1)Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)Good-Bye, Mr. ChipsA Monster CallsThe Museum of HeartbreakEnsnaredWe Are Still Tornadoes

I wish I could talk more about the books but I can’t because I have quite a limited time.

reading nook.jpg

Okay, I’m most excited to share this one!


I don’t read at a particular place like most of the people. I read while lying in my bed most of the time but I ALWAYS wanted a reading nook with those cute fairy lights and a cosy atmosphere. I have almost all the things I’m gonna need to make a reading nook. I have this really old sofa which looks like it belongs to the 20th Century (I’m obviously exaggerating it) but it’s still in one piece and is actually really nice. So I’m gonna use it and I already have fairy lights and I bought some white sheets and pillow covers at a really cheap price so I’ll be starting to work on it really soon. I also have a few posters that I’ll be hanging on my wall pretty soon. I will also be using this whole set up for my bookstagram pictures too, Insha’Allah! AND I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!

So this is everything from my side. Tell me what’s going on with you?

How are you doing? How many books have you read and what’s your reading goal this year? 

** Also, if you wanna contact me, email me at zainabreads@yahoo.com 


24 thoughts on “700 Followers??!

      1. Aww.. I had sent you a message awhile back.
        I have been so busy! I haven’t read or checked any blogs in a long time!
        My exam starts this thursday and ends on April 17th. So I won’t be really active till then.
        I missed you so much! 🙂
        How are you? How are your preparations going?


    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 😄😄
      I know, right?? People are really nosy!!
      I was initially a little disappointed because U expected a HUGE plot twist (actually I was the one who made up a plot twist in my head) but after I got over my disappointment, I realized that I really enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thaaaanks, Karina 💕
      Umm. It was okay-ish. I think I gave it 2.5 or 3 stars. The concept was great but I didn’t like a lot of things like world building. The cover was actually got me interested in the book.

      Liked by 1 person

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