Hi, everyone.

I know my blog is solely dedicated to books and book-related stuff but I wanted to post this. If you’re on Twitter then you might be aware of what happened in Syria and if you’re not then here is what happened:

I watched this one video yesterday and there was this little boy crying over the dead body of his father who was killed because he was a part of white helmets – a volunteer team of first responders who plunge into rubble to save trapped civilians. Watching that video was so painful that I still cry remembering the miserable condition of the little one who didn’t deserve any of that. He deserves to live a happy life filled with memories of a beautiful childhood. He doesn’t deserve to watch his father die like that. And that’s not just him but it’s the same for every family living there.

I know I can’t do much but what I can do is spread the word. Share it everywhere I can. We all talk about how we want to change the world but for once lets at least try to do something! The people there are in need of help and media is not helping. No news channel even the ones in my Islamic country is showing this.

I’m going to link some charities if you want to donate.

It’s okay if you can’t donate but please share it so other people can! 🙂

ALSO If you know any Syrian refugee then please be kind to them. You have no idea what they went through so please be nice and friendly to them. They’re not going to harm you.

– Zainab.


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