TTT| Characters I’d Name My Children/Pets

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

This week’s topic is: Characters I’d Name My Children/Pets

I was contemplating whether or not do this week’s TTT because it feels so weird to write about naming my children because I’m a 17 years old. But, that obviously never stopped me from naming my non-existent fictional kids.

I have three names for kids and several others for pets or stuff that doesn’t need a name but I name them anyway.

Character Names For My Children:

1. Aysel – My Heart and the Other Black Holes

Aysel is a Turkish name pronounced as Uh-zel. I loved the name when I read this book.

2. Jihan – Jannat Kay Pattay

Only if my husband’s name is not Jehan lol because I’m still hoping that he’ll come out of the book and exist anytime soon.

3. Amirah – She Wore Red Trainers

I haven’t read this book yet though it’s on my TBR but I loved this name when I read the blurb.

Character Names For My Pets:

I have actually named two of my rabbits. The names are obviously my fictional crushes. 

4. Chaol – Throne of Glass

Yes, I named my rabbit Chaol.

5. Cricket Bell – Lola and the Boy Next Door 

Yes, I named my other rabbit Cricket Bell. Full name.

6. Hermione – Harry Potter

For the ginger cat, I’ll have someday.


What would you name your children? Or your pets? 

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24 thoughts on “TTT| Characters I’d Name My Children/Pets

  1. It’ll just be Jehan the second ;). Amirah is my Islamic name because it means princess ^^. And because I liked the way it sounded as well. And we can’t have enough pets to give cool names to, really! 😀

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      1. I figured you could work with it ;). Oh man, that does sound lovely! Who wouldn’t want to be named after a nightingale?! ❤ (okay, maybe some guys might think it's gay, but whatevs 😉 )

        Liked by 1 person

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