Review: How Hard Can Love Be? (The Spinster Club #2) by Holly Bourne

This book can also be read as a stand-alone

How Hard Can Love Be? (The Spinster Club, #2)

Title: How Hard Can Love Be? (The Spinster Club #2)

Author: Holly Bourne

Publication Date: February 1st, 2016

Format: Paperback (ARC provided by the publisher)

Genres & Themes: Young adult, romance, friendship, feminism.


Amber, Evie and Lottie: three girls facing down tough issues with the combined powers of friendship, feminism, and cheesy snacks. Both hilarious and heart-rending, this is Amber’s story of how painful – and exhilarating – love can be, following on from Evie’s story in Am I Normal Yet?

All Amber wants is a little bit of love. Her mum has never been the caring type, even before she moved to California, got remarried and had a personality transplant. But Amber’s hoping that spending the summer with her can change all that.

And then there’s prom king Kyle, the guy all the girls want. Can he really be interested in anti-cheerleader Amber? Even with best friends Evie and Lottie’s advice, there’s no escaping the fact: love is hard


Thanks to Usborne for sending me the physical copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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About the Author:

Holly Bourne writes YA novels and blogs about feminist issues. Her favorite things to complain loudly about are: the stigma of mental health, women’s rights, and the under-appreciation of Keanu Reeves’ acting ability.

Holly’s first two books, Soulmates and The Manifesto on How to be Interesting, have been critically acclaimed and translated into six languages. The first book in the ‘Normal’ series, Am I Normal Yet? has been chosen as a World Book Night book for 2016 and has inspired the formation of Spinster Clubs around the country.

Before becoming a full-time author, Holly was editor and relationship advisor for a charity website.

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13 thoughts on “Review: How Hard Can Love Be? (The Spinster Club #2) by Holly Bourne

    1. Thank you! I was a little skeptical about the review.
      She is! She’s extremely fun. Hahah.. you should. What I forgot to mention is there is a lot of family drama too between Amber and the mother who left her.
      How old is your daughter tho? (If you don’t mind me asking)

      Liked by 1 person

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