September Wrap-up And October TBR.

I read 6 books in September which is seriously better than the number of books I read in July and August. I aimed for 8 books but 6 isn’t even that bad, right? I got a good amount of reading done anyway.

I mostly read ARCs in September and all of them were wonderful and amazing no doubt.

The Books I Read Are:

I know that Harry Potter: The Prequel is only two pages long but it’s still a book so it counts! Why is it so short anyway?

My most favourite would probably be Jannat Kay Pattay because of how remarkable and phenomenal. The Romantics is an extremely cute yet hilarious read. Broken Sky is a unique dystopian book with the elements of Astronomy in it. Am I Normal Yet? and How Hard Can Love Be? are first and second book in The Spinster Club respectively, and if you’re looking for books with both great friendship and feminism then you need to read this series!

So this was my wrap up.

If you want to read my October/Fall TBR then click here! I have some really good books in both Fantasy and Contemporary genre. ❤

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15 thoughts on “September Wrap-up And October TBR.

  1. I got an Arc of the Romantics and I’m pretty excited to read it, as of The Spinsters Club, those books are on my TBR but still have to actually get them haha!
    You had a good reading month, as long as you read I call that good, may it even be just one book 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m reading it right now and really liking it, love is a funny one 😂
        But my copy is defective and it doesn’t show the first page in every chapter which is driving me mad because I actually like the book.


      1. Heh, it’s madness, I know – I usually stop at three 😉 Two are non-fiction, which almost don’t count, and one is a re-read that I keep putting back down when other things come along. One is an ARC that reads like short stories, so is ‘dippable’, and another is a library book that I picked up on Friday on a whim and am just powering through.


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