Currently Reading and Watching.

I have been a huge procrastinator last week. I mostly write and schedule my posts for the whole week during the weekend but this previous weekend, I was occupied by useless stuff so here I am in the middle of a night writing a quick post to update y’all about the book I’m currently reading and the show I’m watching at the moment.

Currently Reading:

How Hard Can Love Be? (The Spinster Club, #2)

How Hard Can Love Be? (The Spinster Club #2) by Holly Bourne

It’s been a week and I’m still reading this book! I’m enjoying it a lot but because of a pile of homework and my procrastination, I’m reading it slow… really really slow. Besides homework and procrastination, I have also been binge watching Gilmore Girls which is also a reason why I’m not done with the book yet.

This book is the second book in The Spinster Club series and it’s from Amber’s POV. She’s so fun and hilarious. She’s also my most favorite one from The Spinster Club!


Currently Watching:

Gilmore Girls

I have already mentioned that I’m binge watching Gilmore Girls. I’m in LOVE with this show. I’m on the third season right now. However, I’m trying to not watch the show because literally ALL I do right now is watch this show and nothing else. It has affected not only my reading but also studies. I spent the whole weekend watching the show and not studying at all and now I have a crap pile of homework to finish before the deadline strikes.

So, I’m either gonna stop watching the show till my vacations start or watch it only on weekends. I’m choosing the latter.


What are you binge watching and/or currently reading this week? 

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23 thoughts on “Currently Reading and Watching.

      1. Hell yes! I watched it when the first episode was aired. I was 16 or something at the time (yes, I’m still old, even though I turned 29 on my bday again ^^). I’m a HUGE fan! ❤ Have you met Jess yet?! Such a bad boy…*swoons*


  1. I need to get to reading your currently reading ASAP! I loved the first one so much and I need to see what else happens between the friends! and I also need to get to watching Gilmore Girls because I’ve heard great things from that one! (Plus I heard a certain Jared Padalecki is in the show *winks*)

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    1. YOU NEED TO READ THE SECOND ONE SOON! I’m almost done with it and it’s wonderful! Amber’s voice is so hilarious and she’s so awesome. I wish she was my friend!
      Hahaha. Yup he’s in the show. You need to watch this one too. This show is adorable and I’m addicted!

      Liked by 1 person

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