500 Followers Q/A!

I know I’m super-duper late for this post but here it is at last!

My blog reached 500 followers a few weeks ago and I made a post about it and asked you all if you have any question about me or any question at all then ask me in the comments.I did receive some questions so here are the answers!

Amelia June Vorndam asked:

Do you have a YouTube channel? If not, do you plan on making on?

I don’t have a Youtube channel and I’m also not planning on making one because

  • My camera sucks.
  •  I wouldn’t have time because I already have a blog and an Instagram account.
  • That would require me getting up from my bed and dress like a sophisticated human being which I hate.

Mystery Date with a Book (Fernanda) asked: 

If you could re-write the last chapter of any one book, which book would it be?

This is so hard! Spoiler if you haven’t read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I would rewrite that chapter in which Fred died because he was one of my most favourite characters and his death was so emotionally painful for me. Why the twin???

I would rewrite the chapter and never let it happen!

Anne asked:

Since you’re a lazy bum like me, what’s your favourite sleeping position?

I sleep like this:

Fetal position.

Don’t ask me how I look like when I wake up. I can easily scare off a whole crowd with my morning face xD

hiraethforthepages asked:

Q1: What book would you like turned into a movie? (And dream cast?)

There are so many books that I’d like to see on a big screen but I would tell you the one which has been on my please-turn-it-into-a-movie list for the longest and that’s

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell!

I read this book last year in January and totally loved it! I always pictured this book as an amazing movie. The first time I read this book, I imagined Emma Watson as Cath/Wren (Who am I kidding? I imagined myself as Cath but Emma would look awesome too :D) and Alex Pettyfer as Levi (I had a huge crush on him at that time).

Q2: What is your spirit animal? 

So I did what every teenager would do; I took quizzes. Two of them, actually.

Turns out I am a Swan (according to one quiz) and a Pug (according to the second one) Swan’s abilities are “Powers: Foretelling future through dreams, dream-walking” which is pretty cool and the Pug one just said that I’m a lazy ass but that’s more accurate.

Q3: What place would you like to visit most in the world?

Mecca and Medinah. These two are the Holy Cities in Islam and it has been my wish to visit these places since I was a kid. ❤

(Bonus question: how are you so awesome?😉❤ )

I’m sorry I can’t let my secret out. Shh! 😀

Shannon Reads asked:

What advice would you give to bloggers? (Bloggers in general)

If you don’t have as many followers as your fellow bloggers or if you don’t get as many likes/comments then don’t be discouraged! Don’t give up. Promote your blog more. Try to write better content. And focus on improving yourself but don’t give up!

I know because I gave up on blogging a few months after I started because I thought I wasn’t good enough, but then I began blogging again and never stopped because I had that one follower who liked and commented on my posts and motivated me to become a better writer and I’m sure we all have that one follower who always motivates us. 🙂

Jamie Wu asked:

What is your secret to success?

If I share it with you, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore, would it?

Kevin Morris asked me two questions that I accidently deleted because of how clumsy I am. But, thankfully I remember both of them.

He asked about the employments of Blind or disabled people in Pakistan according to legislature:

I’m really sorry but I don’t really know anything and I also forgot to ask my teacher about it. But, I have a friend whose brother became blind after a very unfortunate event but he works somewhere. I don’t know his job but I know that he is employed.

If I have any pets?

I have two rabbits and they are the epitome of cuteness! I always want to pet them but they always run away from me. And I also have two turkeys! They also run away for me. Do I look this evil? Maybe they think I’m creepy because I like to sit in my garden and stare at them. 😀


This is it! If you want to know anything else comment it down below and I will answer it in the comments 🙂

Thanks again, beautiful human beings, for asking me those wonderful questions and I’m sorry again for being a so late. 

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30 thoughts on “500 Followers Q/A!

  1. First of all congratulations on hitting 500, secondly great answers. I agree on the not giving up part and having that one person- in my case I have two that I absolutely adore 😀
    Also someone asked about vacancies for disabled in Pakistan and I had to answer.
    There are various organizations that specialize in training the disabled to work in factories and places that are safe for them. Also I happen to visit a restaurant in Lahore once where all the staff were deaf and they had placed sign boards all around to make it easier for the customers.
    Fortunately, I haven’t personally known or had anyone disabled in my family or network but I did once have a crippled servant.
    I hope this helps.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. W00t! YES, Fred dying was totally unnecessary! *pouts*. Fetal position for the win! 😀 Haha, maybe you should start a YouTube channel with a crappy camera and record things right after you roll out of bed XD. I’d probably do that for a million dollars ^^. But anonymously of course. A pug :’). I think that could be my spirit animal too! Good thing you continued to rock on with your blog. And I didn’t know you had any pets! Let alone two turkeys; that’s SO awesome!

    Thank you for answering my question ;).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know!!!! Hahahaha 😂 Hahaha But I’ll need motivation for that. xD
      I really think Pug is your spirit animal too. I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for you bloggers supporting me. ❤
      I actually have a Chakor too. It’s a bird.
      Thanks for asking me a question. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved learning so much about you! HAHA I will find those wonderful secrets one day *cackles evilly in the distance* OMG a pug and a swan – such two different answers! XD haha let us both be pugs and lay about reading and ranting all day fellow ranting buddy 😉 Love all your answers! It was great getting to know you more! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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