August Shameful Wrap-Up

First of all, I’m really sorry for being MIA. I’ve been a lot busy with School and my result was announced two days ago and I’m not content with my grades. So, now I’ll be focusing more on School and studies.

I’m going to divide this post into two categories: Books and Tv shows.


My Wrap-up terrible and embarrassing!


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I started the reading month with Emma by Jane Austen and although, I was enjoying it a lot, I was also busy with the college and it was my first time reading a Classic so I couldn’t complete it. And then, I fell into a reading slump which was not unexpected. My reading slump went on until I picked Percy Jackson and The Battle of the Labyrinth up and read it and enjoyed it a lot. Then I picked up Am I Normal Yet? but I couldn’t read it because, my friend kind of spoiled my mood, not the story. Long story short, I put the book down and picked Nice Girls Endure up. This book is about the struggles of an overweight girl. I enjoyed it a lot and posted the review two days ago.

So, in short, I read only two books this month (please don’t kill me):

I’m currently reading Jannat Kay Pattay (Leaves of Heaven) and this book is so phenomenal and marvelous. It has been on my tbr for a very, very long time and I’m so excited to be reading it now. This book is really hefty so it will take me quite a lot of time to finish it but I don’t mind it. And I’m heavily crushing on Jehan Sikander – the main character’s love interest – and he has such a great personality! I’m drowning in so many feels and I can’t wait to read this book and write a review for it. ❤

Tv Shows:

I watched The Flash this month and I also wrote a post about how unique the first season was but I also hated some characters of the show. I wasn’t really interested in the second season so I stopped watching after the second episode but then I began watching it again and I’m on the 7th episode right now. I also rewatched the second season of Friends.

This is how I spent my August with (text) books, practicals, assignments and late night studying while watching Friends or The Flash.

How did you spend yours?

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11 thoughts on “August Shameful Wrap-Up

  1. I only read 2 books too! It wasn’t a great reading month unfortunately, and I’m definitely not looking forward to school. I’m reading ACOMAF right now though and it’s kind of picking up!

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  2. I actually managed to get out of my reading slump and read six books in August. Alas, none of them counted for my goal of getting through the unread books on my shelf! I also failed with my not buying any books for a month, right at the end of August – when I bought four in one day. Oops! 😉

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  3. Don’t worry that’s pretty good. I haven’t read any books since I’ve completed the whole “The School for Good & Evil” Trlogy in July. Haha. And lots of writing and travelling can get in the way as well 😀

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