10 Fun Literary Facts You Might Not Know

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As a reader, facts about old literature or literature in general always fascinates me like the books I read. So I have gathered a few facts that are really interesting and I’m sharing these facts with you all!

1. The first book that was written using the typewriter was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

2. William Shakespeare is the first person to record/invent the words: amazement, bedroom, advertising, blanket, bump, gloomy, puking, gossip, drugged, champion, accused, addiction, torture, and many others.

3.  Pride and Prejudice was originally titled First Impressions.

4. The Harry Potter books are said to be the most banned in America because of religious complaints.

5. One study found that people who read are two and a half times less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s later in life.

6. As a schoolboy, Roald Dahl was a taste-tester for Cadbury’s chocolate.

7. The Japanese word ‘tsundoku’ means ‘buying a load of books and then not getting round to reading them’

8. Aladdin was originally Chinese in The Arabian Nights.

9. ‘Bibliosmia‘ is the enjoyment of the smell of old books.

10. Reading for just six minutes a day can reduce stress by 68%.

How many of these facts you already knew?


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19 thoughts on “10 Fun Literary Facts You Might Not Know

  1. A big WHOOP! for #5. I’m so forgetful, but I guess it could’ve even been worse if I didn’t read this much! 😉 I didn’t know #7 either, but that just shows again that the Japanese are brilliant XD

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    1. Haha! I have a sharp memory (sometimes) and I guess that’s really because of reading 😀 But tbh I forget things that happened even a minute ago 😀
      I know! But I’m never learning the language. It is difficult.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, me too. I can’t even remember what I had for dinner this evening. Or wait, I just burped it up: burritos. Yeah, neither am I! Though Chinese is harder I believe 😀


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