TTT| Ten Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

This week’s topic is: Ten Facts About Me

1. I can’t wear jewellery.

I can’t wear anything even a ring for more than 10 minutes. Rings and bracelets always annoy me and the only accessory I can wear is a wrist watch. And I LOVE wrist watches. So if you ever want to gift me something, gift me either a book or a wrist watch 😀

2. I write for My Trending Stories.

A few weeks ago, My Trending Stories team sent me an email asking me to be a part of their team and I obviously said yes! I’m really ecstatic.

3. I’m a highly introverted person. 

I don’t even go out at all! Honestly, I’m so lazy that I don’t even bother getting out of my bed if I want something.

4. I eat when I’m upset.

Does it happen to you? that you eat when you’re sad? Because I do!

5. I’m obsessed with the colour Lavender.

Even when I was a kid, this was my favourite colour. ❤

6. Exams have affected my reading speed in an extremely bad way.

Because of exams, I couldn’t read anything for more than a month so when I got back to reading, I felt all tired and sleepy. I used to be a fast reader but now I am a really slow one. I used to even finish 3-4 books a week but now I hardly pick one up.

7. Exams have also affected my blogging.

I wrote and edited 5 posts on Sunday and I’m glad I did because I have been a lazy blogger as well and it has also affected my blog badly. But now I’m trying to be as active as I can and also trying to post daily!

8. I have been crafting/DIY-ing a lot lately.

I have been watching a lot of DIY videos lately and I have actually done half of them. I made some really cool bookmarks, painted a bottle and a pine and some paper flowers! They all look really good!

9. I’m also obsessed with Vintage tea cups.

I LOVE vintage tea cups. They make me feel like I’m in a wonderland tea party! They look so pretty. I’m going to collect many after I grow old. Because 17 is not a time when you start collecting tea cups. 😀

10. I hate many of the popular books. 

I don’t know why but I hate many of the overhyped books. Maybe because they are overhyped? I also have some popular books that I love a lot but if I tell you the books that I hate, you will probably kill me. xD

So these were the not-so-interesting facts about me. Share yours in the comments section!

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27 thoughts on “TTT| Ten Facts About Me

  1. Whooo, congrats on being a featured author (yes, I said AUTHOR!!) on My Trending Stories! I’d love to see it in action, but there’s no link (or I’m too blind to see it) :O.

    Omg, lavender used to be my favourite colour as a kid as well. Until the other kids started calling me purple chicken shit >.>. So now it’s green. Or blue.

    Because 17 is not a time when you start collecting tea cups.” :’) I LOLLED. That’s so awesome, though! I collect teapots, so we can have a tea party sometime in the far future! xD

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 😀
      I actually wrote and scheduled this post on Tuesday and I was thinking about posting the article on Monday but because of all the work and laziness, I forgot to post it. I also forgot to edit the link part but now I have. I think I’ll post the review Friday or Saturday. I’m so tired so I can’t do it now. Sigh.
      Hahahah “purple chicken shit” 😀 😀 I also love blue!
      But now I’m thinking about collecting them. I mean, I already drink tea and coffee and I LOVE to use special mugs/cups for that. I even asked my sister where to buy the vintage ones.
      And I act like a 70 years old anyway. xD Teapots are so cute!!! *-* I would love to see your collection!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. :3 Whoopsee! As long as you don’t have any deadline *shrugs* do it when you’re a bit less tired :D.

        Hahaha, there’s one on my Twitter banner! Omg, YES! You can be Alice, I’ll be the Mad Hatter!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well there’s only one Queen and I believe she’s the Queen of hearts. I believe the Red Queen is from book 2? Or…I have no clue really XD and I wrote a review on the difference like 9 months ago or something :’)

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  2. I feel like hating the popular books is easy to do. I tend to read them when the hype has died down, because not liking them often has to do with my expectations.

    I love teacups, but I move too much to collect breakable things lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I try to do the same. Like when I read Fangirl, I didn’t know about the hype so I enjoyed it a lot. You’re right. All the hype sets our expectations high.
      Hahah. They’re really cute, aren’t they? I may start collecting them. What do you like to collect?


  3. I think this week is so interesting, getting to know all of our fellow bloggers! But I have noticed a funny trend. A lot of bloggers mention their favorite color, but none of the blogs actually have that color as a part of their layout. I just think that’s really interesting 🙂 I am guilty of it, too. I do our blog design, but my favorite color isn’t a part of it. Though, my obsession with flowers is always there :p

    My TTT.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t know about this trend to be honest. But I actually liked the flowers more on as a layout than my favourite colour and I am saying this because I have tried it in the past.
      Hahaha. 😀 I think all of us are!


  4. I hate jewelry too! I only wear a necklace, but I hate earrings – they’re too annoying and hurt my ears. I also have very tiny fingers and wrists so brackets and rings never fit 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can wear earrings. I actually wear these gold earring all the time because I have been wearing them for years. 😀 I also can’t wear artificial jewellry like earrings. My ears swell up and become double in size.
      Hehehe xD What about wrist watch?

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