Rant// The Ending of How I Met Your Mother

A month ago (I guess), my friend Anne @InkedBrownies recommended me this show. And then this show made appearances quite a few times during our conversations so I decided to watch it. Also, I heard about the disastrous finale so I wanted to see what it was about.
So, I watched it. In less than a month (the reason for my absence). And I finished watching the whole last season yesterday and I need to get these feelings out of my system.

No spoilers but am I the only one who thinks that HIMYM is 80% like Friends? Like some of the jokes are same, they all hang out at a particular place, no ones knows what Barney does for a living, the characters are alike and et cetra

Big Spoilers Ahead. Don’t read it if you haven’t watched it yet.

I was rooting for Barney and Robin since I started watching this show and I was so freaking happy when they got married. And we have a whole season about their wedding and in just 10 minutes/the beginning of the last episode we learn about their divorce??
I loved them so much together. Robin brought out the soft side of him and he did so many things to keep her happy. Their relationship was built up all these seasons and after all of that, they get married and divorced? Β It was like “forcing” the relationship between Ted and Robin.
The only thing that I loved about this episode was the moment when Barney held his daughter in his arms. BUT who is the mother anyway??
And how can you create a whole anticipation about a mother and then kill her off in the last episode just so Ted gets to be with Robin?? That’s unfair to both the story and to the character.
The end ruined everything for me.I LOVED the show but it was like they were dragging the last season and it was a crap to be very honest. I wish the ending was good and they all lived happily. Ted with Tracy and Barney with Robin. Sigh.


22 thoughts on “Rant// The Ending of How I Met Your Mother

  1. I loved the story and feel the same as you. I definitely ship Barney and Robin. But, with the amount that Ted mentions Robin… the ending kinda pulled that together. It was the adventures of how I met your mother and how I could never forget Robin… kinda thing. Idk… like explaining to the kids their long relationship.
    My fiance is on season 5 right now and it is KILLING me to not complain about Barney and Robin’s ending!!

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    1. But idk why I hated their relationship. Ted and Robin’s. I mean, it was annoying sometimes. I liked her better with Barney. They were a perfect match and they were really good together and after all of the cute things that he did for her, they should’ve never left each other.
      Hahaha πŸ˜€ Maybe you should force him to watch more πŸ˜€

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      1. He is definitely watching more. I’m just patiently waiting until he gets to the end. I join him in watch once in awhile and remember how funny the show is. It is a joy to watch even if I don’t 100% agree with the ending ^_^

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  2. yep, i feel you! this ending ruined the whole show for me. It spent a lot of seasons on characters development and making them grow, and then in the last episode it all crumbles. they make Barney only able to be happy with the ONLY thing that Robin can’t give him?! so bad. also, because this was narrated by Ted, who wanted Robin all along, I now can’t trust anything that he said about Robin and Barney 😦

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    1. You’re right. After all the character development it felt like they were dragged on the same point where they were in the beginning. I was thinking the same thing. I mean, if they wanted him to have a daughter they could’ve made it happen with Robin through adoption.

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  3. Ahahahaha, I love this rant :’). Easy for me to say, I already saw this over a year ago and have calmed down more about it by now. Not entirely, though, because it still gets my nostrils flaring up when I read this XD.I never liked Ted with Robin. Period. He deserved better than her. WAY better. >.< Look at all the stuff he did for her and she repaid him with basically dumping him again and again. Robin was meant to be with Barney, hands down.

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    1. I have a calmed down a little but I still get angry whenever I think of it. I hated them together. These two never fit. And I totally agree with you. I hated how Robin treated Ted like a shit and Ted going back to her again and again. She was perfect with Barney.

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  4. Oh yeah, huge bummer. Imagine waiting follow the last season every week and being greeted by that. I mean that made an entire episode about Ted letting Robin go and everything. Poor Tracy. She didn’t have to go that way 😦 I totally agree that HIMYM is a lot like Friends, which was why I liked it in the first place. I used to rewatch HIMYM a lot too, but with that ending… I just can’t get myself to watch knowing where that road leads.

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    1. Exactly! Tracy deserved a better ending. They killed her off just so Ted would end up with Robin and it’s sick!
      Right?? I don’t know if it was a “coincidence” or not but even some jokes were the same.

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  5. I completely agree with all that you said. The end was just bad. I’m still trying to ignore that exists. For me the show ended with Robin and Barney getting married and Ted meeting the mom. Everything that comes after that was kicked out from my brain (but Barney with his daughter was super cute)

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