Review: invisible-i-am by Gregg Davis by Harriet Showman

invisible-i-am by Gregg Davis

Title: invisible-i-am by Gregg Davis

Author: Harriet Showman

Publication Date: August 18th, 2015

Format: Ebook ( ARC provided by NetGalley)

Genres & Themes: Young-adult, bullying, sexual assault, mystery.


Harriet Showman’s invisible-i-am by Gregg Davis is a powerful story that offers a wrenching, empathetic look at the experience of high school bullying and sexual assault through a victim’s eyes. Through the perspective of a wiser-than-her-years 16-year-old narrator, invisible-i-am tackles issues of violence and oppression, the clash between identity and invisibility, and the necessity of self-determination.


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I received this E-ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I’m really disappointed.

This book consists of 50 pages and I liked the story till 30 pages but after that the story went downhill and  it was really hard for me to even continue. I was sooo close to abandoning this book but I didn’t because only 17 pages were left. The only reason why I read it was because it was 50 pages long and short but nope, wasted my time.

So the story is about this girl Gregg whose boyfriend for many years cheats on her and then the girl he cheated on Gregg with makes Gregg’s life miserable along with her brother. Then bullying happens along with the things-I-sill-don’t-understand happens. Like some kind of a “mystery thing” was happening in this book and then the book ends abruptly with no answers at all. And it’s not even a part of a series. Was it a joke?

It had the potential and it could be better if it only included the story of Gregg recovering but to incorporate it with another mystery which is not even explained well (?!)

Another thing that annoyed me the most was Gregg’s vocabulary. Seriously. Her vocabulary was too good to be true for a sixteen years old. And it was so freaking hard for me to read it without having a dictionary opened by my side.

I love the original Gregg’s story and I would have loved the book if it only included that story without adding “slavery” and “Code” etc into it.

So, do I recommend it? Nope.

About the Author: 

Harriet Showman lives in South Carolina, U.S., a culture hurt deep by the wounds of slavery and racism. While the dynamic of guilt can be specific to geography, imperceptible demons exist within most humans. Individuals and groups often invent “the Other” to be scapegoats for perceived injustices. Something, somebody, or some catastrophic, historic event can instill a trauma deep within a person and prevent them from living with full-out passion.

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11 thoughts on “Review: invisible-i-am by Gregg Davis by Harriet Showman

  1. Hahaha! I love how you gave it 1 star and then at the end of the post it says “Buy it on Amazon”. As if daring the reader to buy this awful book. Hahaha! Love it! But yeah, it does sound like a horribly written book. And only 50 pages?! What’s that about?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha xD I was also thinking “Why am I writing it? after reading my review, no one is going to buy it anyway.” xD
      It was horrible. Everything was so weird. I don’t even know WTH was going on.
      And there are many thing unanswered! Story took an abrupt turn and then I was reading about Slavery and something Code (??????)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Whew, this one sounds baaaaad. I hate it when authors give the teenage characters too much of a vocabulary as well (if that’s a proper sentence :’) ). No one talks like that! No one! Fab honest review 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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