T5W| Favorite Literary Fathers/Father Figures

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It’s the time of the week when I post my Top 5 Wednesday.

Top 5 Wednesday which is a meme created by a reader and Booktuber Lainey at gingerreadslainey. Also, you can check out the Goodreads page for the past and future topics.

This week’s topic is: Favorite Literary Fathers/Father Figures

I love when the author writes about the MC’s relationship with her/his parents and not just the one where the main character is being all rebel and never listens to them but the realistic one where there are small fights but they still love each other so much. And you know, cheesy family stuff like that.

So,  I’m going to tell you my most favorite Literary Fathers/Father figures. The first three are from Harry Potter because I think Harry Potter has the best father figures. All three of them supported Harry and were with him through thick and thin.

  •  Sirius Black – Harry Potter

Spoiler Alert: Only if Harry got to live with Sirius *cries*

  • Remus Lupin – Harry Potter

  • Arthur Weasely – Harry Potter

  • Hans Hubermann – The Book Thief

I love Liesel’s father. It’s no surprise that I’m including him in this list. He was so kind and supportive. He was always there for her and even read her books.

  • Richard Baker – Flipped

svhktcu2mfyzzuf2.jpgJuli’s parents were really supportive especially her father. He never gave up on her and always encouraged her. And Juli shared everything with him. Their relationship is one of the reasons why I love this book so much!

Who is your favourite Literary Father/Father figure?

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21 thoughts on “T5W| Favorite Literary Fathers/Father Figures

  1. Yay!Hans Hubermann is definitely one of the best Literary dads ever. Unfortunately, I am yet to read HP but seems like the series has some awesome dads:-)

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