May 2016 Wrap-Up

A little late for May Wrap-up but um who cares?

I didn’t read a lot of books because of exams and practicals but after that, I got some time to devour my lovely books and I’m still catching up with my Reading Challenge. I’m 8 books behind.

Outlander crying cry tv reaction

Anyhow, I read 4 books this month which is not so bad. But I’m hoping to read more in the month of June.

Books read:

Reviews posted:

Shows Watched:

Friends: I finished watching all the seasons of Friends and I just want to say that this show is freakin’ AWESOME. I love it so, so much and I have also succeeded in convincing my best friend to watch it. I’ll rewatch this show with her after Ramadan ^-^

Jane The Virgin: I discovered this show a few weeks ago and then I just started watching it. It is sooo good! And it has got me hooked which by the way many shows has failed to do! I’m on the second season’s 13th  episode ^-^

Top Ten Tuesday:

Top 5 Wednesday:


How many books did you read in May?

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29 thoughts on “May 2016 Wrap-Up

  1. Can’t wait for your thoughts on the rest of the Throne of Glass series! I’ve been watching Teen Wolf on Netflix, but once I’m done with that, Jane the Virgin/Kimmy Schmidt is probably gonna be my next obsession 😀

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      1. We’re at episode 5 now, so that’s a big fat yes. And my husband even likes it more than I do O_o I literally have to stop him from turning on the next episode every time we finish one XD. It’s good for learning better Spanish as well btw!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s awesome. And you should give me a credit 😀 Hahah. Same. I can’t stop watching the show and I’m near the end of second season 😀
        I don’t know how to speak Spanish!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oooh, but I totally did! When we started he was like “Why are we watching this?” And I told him I had a reliable source telling me it was good stuff. Okay, and I also mentioned your name ^_^. I don’t know Spanish either, but I’m improving by watching this show! I mean, it’s totally educational *nods*

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  2. Still need to read Throne of Glass, but I’m getting ACOTAR AND ACOMAF this week, so I’m going to start with those! I’m currently watching Jessica Jones and it’s so good!

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