June 2016 TBR

I don’t really make tbr posts because I don’t follow them. But this time, I thought to make one. I’m sure that I will, at least read, some of these books as they are review copies but I’m not sure about the others. We’ll see.

These are the books that I’m hoping to read in the month of June. I know these are a lot of books but I’m expecting to at least read some of them.

I don’t know if June is going to be a good reading month since my school is starting and then there’s Ramadan. But I’ll try to read as many books as I can! ^-^

What books are you planning to read In June?
Have you read any of these?

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24 thoughts on “June 2016 TBR

  1. The Crown is SO good!!! I hope you enjoy it. I read it last weekend 😀
    I’m planning to read My Lady Jane, And I Darken, and ACOMAF at some point this month. Crossing my fingers 😉

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  2. I can’t wait for you to read The School for Good and Evil & Scarlet! I love them both so much! (They’re both on my favorites list).

    I’ve wanted to read The Selection series for a while now, but I’ve heard mixed reviews on it. I think I will this summer, though.

    Currently, I’m reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer for a Read-a-thon, but otherwise I try not to make TBRs, just because they change so often it’s almost pointless.

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    1. I’m also really excited for both of them ❤
      The Selection is fine. I don't like it a lot but it's like my guilty pleasure because it's so addictive! It's like reading a reality tv xD
      I wanted to read The Host a long time ago but I don't have much of an interest now. How is anyway?
      I know!! I don't make tbrs because of the same reason. I just made this one because I was bored 😀 I don't ever stick to it.

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      1. The Host is a little confusing at first – but that might just be because I’m only a chapter and a half in XD Nevertheless, I’ve heard some great things on it so I intend to finish it. Plus, like I said, I’m doing it for a Read-a-thon (the same person who runs Top 5 Wednesday is hosting the read-a-thon).

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