Lahore, a city in Pakistan has been hit with a suicide bombing today (Sunday, 27th March) with more than 50 people counted as dead and 300+ are severely injured. Most of them were kids and women.

The suicide blast took place in Lahore’s Gulshan Iqbal Park, where families were gathered on a Sunday evening.

I honestly don’t have any words to say! They were innocent children. For God’s sake! How can someone do that? I just wish we could eradicate all these terrorists and savages from our world.

Everyone please take a moment and pray for the lost innocent lives.

May Allah grant Jannah to all those who lost their lives. Ameen.




31 thoughts on “#PrayForLahore

  1. First Brussels, now this, twice in one freaking week! Stay safe idd. I know I’m not going to fly anywhere or go to any concerts or festivals this year because of these despicable assholes…*hugs*

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  2. Just leaves me scared. How low can people stoop? I mean what will they get by targeting women and children, innocent children and families out on a day, at a park! Stay safe dear. All prayers for them.

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