What I read in February/February Wrap-Up

Today is the last day of February. My goodness, time is passing so quickly, it scares me. :O

February was, in fact, a very good reading month for me. The reason is that almost all of the books I read this month were enjoyable and marvellous.

However, I read quite alot of books this month than I should’ve read or even expected to read.

I read the total of 5 books this month which is quite alot considering my case and situation. Because I’m really busy these days.

Now, I’m only gonna mention the name of the books and my ratings and you can click the name of the book and it will direct you to the review of that book. Also, I haven’t posted the review for 1 book that I read this month although I have already written the review of it and it is currently waiting for editing and modification right now.

So, these are the books I have read this month.

So, these were the books that I read in this short month of February.

Most Liked Picture on My Bookstagram:

Yup, that’s a new feature on my blog but I’ll also be adding the most liked picture on my Bookstagram on this monthly wrap-up. If you want to see more of my bookish pictures (and non-bookish, occasionally), my Instagram account is @abibliophilesobsession

2016-02-14 05.28.53 1.jpg


I won’t be reading alot or maybe at all in March because I have alot to study (I’m currently grinding my brain on Physics right now). But, I will be buying books in March because I finally have the money 😀

I will also be posting my February book haul soon so stay tuned for that! 🙂

How many books did you read this month?

How many are you planning to read in March?



17 thoughts on “What I read in February/February Wrap-Up

      1. We actually have one biology book but it’s divided in Botany and Zoology and I LOVE Zoology. ❤
        Botany isn't bad either but all the botanical names are really hard to learn.
        What did you study at College?

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