Poem: From A Book Lover


I am a book addict,
And proud to be one.
People who don’t read,
Leave me stunned.

Books are my life,
Books are my soul.
They make me happy;
They make me whole.

I read thriller,
I also read crime,
Thanks to my books,
My poems always rhyme.

My best friend is,
A book lover too.
People like us,
Are rare and few.

Books are my friends,
I trust them completely.
On my bookshelf,
I arrange them neatly.

In books there is magic,
In them I find treasure.
When I’m reading books,
I experience pure pleasure.

I love tea, books;
And solitude.
Books have taught me,
To show gratitude.

Books are my shield,
They are my light.
They help me comprehend,
What’s wrong and what’s right.

People who don’t read,
They think I am insane.
But I will continue reading,
I don’t want to be vain.

Books broaden my horizons,
They open my mind.
How can I not read?
I don’t want to be blind!

Life without books,
Is no life at all.
Those who ignore books,
Stumble and fall!

Written By Shumila Malik

Source: Poem: From A Book Lover


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