An Update on My Resolutions #1

I never made any resolutions but this time, I did.

Even I’m following some of them. Cool, right?

So, anyway, I thought I should do an update on my resolutions just to keep myself motivated and to show you people that I can also keep my promises!

If you want to know what my New Year resolutions are, click here.

Let’s get started.

1. Read more books. My Reading Challenge is 60 books this year.Β 

I have read 7 books this month. I’m 2 or 3 ahead of my schedule and that makes me so happy! πŸ˜€

2. Read more series and complete my unfinished series as well.

I’m reading more series. In fact, January was a total series month for me because most of the books I read were a part of different series.

3. Listen to atleast one audiobook.Β 

I still need to do this.

4. Be more active on my Bookstagram and Blog.

I’m very active on my blog but not bookstagram. Although I’m trying to take more bookish pictures, they don’t come out as good. And to be very honest, I’m not even creative so I’m trying real hard to shoot some fabulous pictures. You can check my bookstagram. It’s @abibliophilesobsession. ❀

5. Review more books.

I wrote 8 reviews this month but right now, I’m out of reviews and I’m not reading any book right now so it’s gonna be a bit hard. Maybe I’ll post reviews of the books I didn’t review in 2015.

6. Do better with NetGalley and read atleast one or two ARC a month.

I’m keeping up with this. I read 2 books downloaded from NetGalley.

The Things We Keep & Broken DollsΒ 

7. Read a Classic.

Ummm.. nope. Haven’t read any yet.

8. Buy a proper bookshelf.

My temporary bookshelf is good right now but I need to buy a permanent shelf soon. I;m not really worried about it.

9. Study hard.

I accidently took a break from studying for a weekΒ but I’m going to open the book as soon as I complete writing this post.

10. Read more Urdu novels.

I got that Urdu novel that I’ve been wanting to read for so long but it’s too long and I’ll probably read it after my exams.


So, what do you think about it?

Are you following your resolutions?



6 thoughts on “An Update on My Resolutions #1

    1. Walaikum Assalam. πŸ™‚
      I’m trying to read less books this month because I need to concentrate on my studies!
      Jazaak Allahu Khairan! ❀
      You're literally the first person here to say "Assalam o Alaikum" and that's why your comment made me so happy.. ❀


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