What I Read In January/ January Wrap-Up

January has passed. I can’t believe that the first month of 2015 2016 has passed. It’s thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

Well, before I start rambling about how less time I have left to study for my exams, I should actually start the post!

Hey, Everyone!

January was a good reading month for me. I read 7 books and I’m slightly guilty because of it. I think I should control my reading for some time.

I liked almost all of the books and also posted the reviews of most of them.

Click on the name of the books to read the reviews.


I also posted the review of The Duff but I read the book last year in June (I guess) and I posted it now because I felt like it and anyways, it’s never too late for anything!

So, these were the books that I read in January. I’m going to put a stop on reading for some while *hopefully* because of other stuff.


How many books did you read this month? What was your favourite one?



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