T5W: Buzz Words/Words That Make Me Buy Books

Hi everyone! It’s Wednesday again and so is the time for the Top 5 Wednesday which is a meme created by a reader and Booktuber Laniey at gingerreadslaniey. Also, you can check out the Goodreads page for the past and future topics.

Today’s topic is Favourite Buzz Word or Words that make me want to buy a book. These are the words that are used to describe the book which I’m pretty sure I will buy.

So, let’s get started.

5) Retellings

I love fairytale and greek retellings. I love how these retellings are intertwined with modernism and that’s pretty cool for me. I would love to read all the fairytale retellings in the world!

4) Hilarious/Funny

Who doesn’t love a book that makes you laugh really hard? I enjoy the books that are fun and hilarious to read. They’re really relaxing and comforting.

3) Heart-wrenching

I love to read a book that is really heartbreaking or as I said, heart-wrenching. I love the books that make me feel emotions. A book that makes me cry and breaks me because I think that a real good book makes you feel emotions. If a book is called a heartbreaking and heart wrenching then I’ll definitely buy it.

2) Dark/Mysterious

I love any book that has a dark or mysterious element in it. I love mysteries and solving mysteries. They are so anticipating! So if a book has both or any of these elements in it then I’m in!

1) Sisters/Siblings

I have sisters and I love to read anything that has siblings in it. I love to read about the bonds between the siblings. In many of the books, the MC is the only child or even if he/she has a sibling, their relationship is not quite described in the books. I love to read how siblings bond, fight like normal people and that’s why I would love to read a book that has anything like siblings or more specifically, “sisters” on it. I’m talking about sisters because I have sisters and not a brother and we fight alot, make fun of each other but still love each other so much.

Share your Buzz Words!


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