Review: City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments #3) by Cassandra Clare



Amid the chaos of war, the Shadowhunters must decide to fight with the vampires, werewolves and other Downworlders – or against them. Meanwhile, Jace and Clary have their own decision to make: should they pursue the love they know is a mortal sin?


5/5 stars

Read from January 06 to 10, 2016



This review contains spoilers.

So, I have officially read the third book in the famous series of The Mortal Instruments and this one is also officially my favourite one in the series.

It was boring at the beginning but my boredom was short-lived and faded as quick as it had appeared. The novel got interesting and I was deeply immersed into the world of Shadowhunters again. Clary’s behaviour was annoying but reasonable sometimes. The setting, the dialogues were excellent and different and they got me hooked.
I have read the spoilers before so the fact that Clary and Jace weren’t brother and sister wasn’t a shock nor were the facts that Sebastian was the villain and the real Jonathan Morgenstern. But then again, the revelations and how they were experiments, were shocking because I wasn’t expecting it all like that. And although, I knew that Clary and Jace were not really siblings, their relationship still grossed me out because they didn’t know that yet.
I’m happy with the ending and satisfied. I don’t know when I will be reading the fourth but I won’t be reading it just now. I think I should focus on some other books/series for some time. It was also suggested by some friends that the fourth book was unnecessarily written though I can’t really say that right now as I haven’t read it myself.
I also want to talk about the fact that I couldn’t imagine anyone as Jace except Alex Pettyfer. I think he could be the perfect Jace not Dom or Jamie. After stalking him on MANY websites, I came to know that he was offered the role in the movie but declined.


I mean, he could be the perfect Jace.

I thought Dom was okay for the role of Christian in Vampire Academy but not for this atleast.

I don’t care what other people say but Lily was the perfect Clary for me and Robert Sheehan, the perfect Simon! I don’t object Alberto Rosende as Simon but still, Robert Sheehan was better.

Magnus was also my favourite character and let’s just say The High Warlock of Brooklyn was seriously awesome, funny and badass. I enjoyed his moments alot.

Anyway, I’m really eager to watch the tv series, anyway, and I should go now because I have some work to do.

Hope you enjoyed my review.



6 thoughts on “Review: City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments #3) by Cassandra Clare

      1. Yes, I did. The show is okay but honestly, if I hadn’t read the book then I would literally have no idea what’s going on because there is so much stuff to digest.


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