Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Resolutions We Have For 2015


Hey, everyone!

Today’s topic is about the bookish resolutions or promises I have made for 2016 that I will never follow or probably won’t even remember. But I made them anyway because they’re fun to make not follow. Anyway, these are

1) Read more books. My Reading Challenge is 60 books this year.

2) Read more series and complete my unfinished series as well.

3) Listen to atleast one audiobook. I have never really tried audiobooks so that’s why it’s on my list.

4) Be more active on my Bookstagram and Blog.

5) Review more books.

6) Do better with NetGalley and read atleast one or two ARC a month.

7) Read a Classic. This is must because I’ve never really read a classic. I have Pride and Prejudice and I have tried to read it like a million times but the classical language (Is that what you call it?) has been hard to understand but I’m hoping this year, I might be able to read it.

8) Buy a proper bookshelf. Yes, I don’t have a proper bookshelf. Well, I do have a bookshelf but I don’t like it much. I hate it. I want that real bookshelf feels. So, I’m actually trying to find the space for a bookshelf because my room is already crammed with other stuff.

9) Study hard. Because my board exams will be starting from 26th April. Wish me good luck.

10) And the last but not the least… Read more Urdu novels. I’m an Urdu speaker but I have read not alot of Urdu novels and I’m really guilty about it and there’s this one Urdu novel that I’ve been wanting to read for so long. My bestfriend has it so I’ll borrow it from her and read it. And as mentioned, I will read more Urdu books this year because  I feel guilty of not reading the pearls of my own language.

So, these are my bookish resolutions that I have honestly just made. I have no idea if I will stand by them or follow them but I’m 101% sure that I will follow some of them. So, yeah.

Share your resolutions. Do you follow them unlike me?




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