10 Favourite books of 2015!

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So, today, I’m discussing my favourite topic and that is

My 10 Favourite Books of 2015

 So, I’ve read quite alot books this year like 61 books and it is really hard to choose only 10 of them as my favourite because I have like 15 favourite books in total. Anyway, I’m gonna mention my 10 favourite books of 2015.

And they are in no particular order!

The Book Thief


This book is so, so amazing. Not only the narrator – death – is different but the writing style and everything is so different and this book is so wonderful and it got me so hooked that I couldn’t put it down!

2) Fangirl


I can never forget the experience of reading this lovely book. I loved, loved reading it and this book was funny, witty, cute and delightful at the same time. This book was amazing!

3) The Locket


This is really underrated! It deserves many readers. It’s about time-travel and is one of the best books I’ve read so far! I didn’t even know I would like it so much.

4) Before I Fall


I don’t like Lauren’s Delirium much but this book is amazing because it’s really different and it makes you love the kind of person you would hate the most.

5) `Lola and The Boy Next Door


My favourite one from Anna and The French Kiss series!

6) Cinder


This one is so, so cool! It’s really different and it’s about cyborgs! I still need to read the other three books and I’m excited.

7) My Heart and The Other Black Holes


I don’t really think I need to mention it. Everyone around me knows how much I love this book. ❤ It’s awesome. I love it so much!

Harry Potter series


I haven’t read the last book yet but reading the other 6 books have been one of my greatest reading experiences! I love Harry Potter and Hogwarts.

9) Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief


Only read the first book and it’s my fav! Can’t wait to read the whole series.

10) Sophie Kinsella’s books


Well, I have read four Sophie Kinsella’s books this year and love all four of them! They’re really cute, fun, light and amazing. ❤

Share your favourite books with me!


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