The Selection series Cover!


Hey, readers!

I love The Selection series and I’m eagerly waiting for the last book – The Crown – to come out! Selection series has lovely covers and I want to discuss them with y’all today. ❀

I totally love the covers of (some) books of The Selection Series; gowns, the posture, the models are beautiful and the mirror background is perfect.

So, Let’s discuss the book covers!

  1. The Selection


The cover of the book I own has this pinkish background so, that’s why I’m using the picture wth the pinkish background. I really love its cover especially the gown because it’s really beautiful and gives the look of a princess and the texture and the frills look really stunning on the model.

FYI, the real colour of the dress is not blue but purple-gray. You can actually check the behind the shoot video on Youtube.

2. The Elite


This is, honestly, my least favourite cover in the series because the model is way too much photoshopped and her gown looks like thorns sticking out to me. Sorry but this one is my least favourite.

Also, the original colour of the dress is fuschia not this orange-red.

3. The One


So, this one is my most favourite cover in the entire series because I don’t know. It’s just so elegant, glamorous and sophisticated. I just love the gown. It’s so beautiful. Have you watched the book trailer of The One? If you haven’t then you should because my crush on this gorgeous gown started when I watched the book trailer because the model is wearing the same gown!

4. The Elite


This book cover is just ‘okay’ for me. I do like the gown and the background plus the model isn’t so bad but all of this is just okay for me.

5. The Crown


The book hasn’t released yet but the cover has. I actually had many expectations with the cover but this cover turned out to be ‘Meh’. I’m still trying to decide if it’s my least favourite of the cover or the cover of The Elite. I think,these.jpg this one is.

I just don’t like the posture of the model. It looks like she’s being forced to stand like this. She looks so creepy and she has this murderous look on her face. Β Though I watched the behind the scenes of this photoshoot and the gown and the model looked gorgeous in the photoshoot I think they have photoshopped her extra and made her look so stiff and less like a princess.

Anyway, I’m still excited for the book to come out and I will read it definitely!

So, what’s your most and least favourite cover of the selection series people?


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