Things I love about winter!


Hello, everybody!

Today, my topic of discussion is winter! I know, I should have written this post when the winter started but who cares? Winter is still here and will not be long gone till March or April (Winter is my city is really long and extremely cold!) So, I love winter and it, sometimes, snows in my city so I love it I’m gonna name the so many things I love about winter and then you’ll share your favourite things about winter!

So here we go,

  • Hot chocolate/ Coffee because why not? I already love these two, but they’re magnificent in winter.
  • Blankets! I love, love blankets because they’re so cozy and lazy and I love lazy and also because coffee tastes so good when you’re covered in the blanket. It’s like all the laziness combined and also, a novel. Yes!
  • Socks. Did I tell you that I’m the second Dumbledore? I have so many socks, but they’re still not enough!I love all of them not equally but whatever. A friend of me is also a lover of socks and we actually look at each other’s socks and compliments them. Yup, we’re socks-freaks. Is that even a word?!
  • Laziness. Winter is the best time to be lazy because of all the points mentioned above.
  • Hot showers in winters.
  • No college/school in winters! Because the winters in my city are extreme so we get 3 whole months of winter vacations. Yayy!
  • Winter is also the best time to read a book or watch a movie because of all the coziness and laziness, you get in a mood to just read a book or watch a movie with something to eat and drink which reminds me of

“Eat, drink and be Merry.”

  • Sweaters! How can I forget them? I love long sweaters, hoods and coats, not jackets, to be honest. I like jackets, but I don’t like wearing them.

Now, let’s get to what I don’t like about winter!

  • Winter mornings. Yup, I hate them especially waking up for  school/college during winter is so painful. I just stare at the ceiling for half an hour trying to come up with some lame excuse for not going to college that my mother would buy.
  • The extreme cold. I have already mentioned that it gets extremely cold during winter where I live so sometimes it actually becomes annoying. My feets get numb because of the cold and my nose; it just gets so cold and red.
  • Flu/Cold. One thing that I hate the most about winter is the flu and cold. I got sick thrice this winter and it was so annoying. I hate sneezing and coughing all the time.  And Throat sore et cetra. Even my voice becomes so hoarse and manly and sometimes I even lose my voice – just air coming out of my mouth instead of words. It’s like I’m just whistling most of the time when I don’t even know how to whistle!

So, people, these were the things I like and don’t like about winter.

Share yours with me!


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