I have made a Bookstagram, sort of.

Hey, everyone!

I’ve made an Instagram account. Yay!

Okay, I know it’s nothing to be so thrilled about but the good news is yet to come; It’s dedicated to books and bookish things.

*cries tears of happiness*

*wipes them*

Well, I already have an Instagram account which is my personal account but my best friend and I decided to make another account for bookish stuff or book photography purpose etc.  My personal account is private and this Bookstagram is public and so, I’m gonna post all the bookish pictures that I have. Finally, the day has come!


If you don’t know what Bookstagram is then it is an Instagram account dedicated to books and all the things alike.

The reason why I have ‘sort of’ in the title is because I’ll also be posting pictures of different things other than books and whatnot.

So, my Bookstagram is @bookstea

By clicking here  you’ll be magically transported to my Bookstagram. 😀

You can follow me there if you want!

I love bookish pictures. Well, who doesn’t?

Do you have a bookstagram? Because I’d love to follow you and connect with you. ❤ And also, stalk your bookish pictures 😀

If you have it, then write your username in the comments because I’d love to follow you. ❤



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