Review: Me Before you by Jojo Moyes

Disclaimer: This review contains spoilers so don’t read the review if you haven’t read the book yet.



4/5 stars

Read from December 06 to 09, 2015


I’m really traumatized and shocked right now.
I was reluctant to read this book at first because I already knew the ending, but then I thought to give it a try. I’m happy that I read it and sad that I read it.

Happy because this novel was really good and emotional and deep and I made the right choice but sad because of the end.
I thought to know the ending would make it easier for me to read the novel and it wouldn’t be too hard to go through it knowing what was coming, but it was hard. Because I knew it all along. I knew what would happen and it was painfully awful; connecting with a character that, you know, wouldn’t even survive. I was hoping till the end of the book that the spoiler I read could be wrong and maybe he would survive. There was a tiny bit of hope in my heart even when Lou went to Switzerland.
I really understood Will’s character. He was strong, brave but living a miserable life.
A person who has been full of life and energy can’t sit in a chair all depending on someone for everything for the rest of his life.
But, I also don’t like his decision. He could’ve given it a chance. Maybe he would be happy again.
I should just go and resume my crying.



7 thoughts on “Review: Me Before you by Jojo Moyes

    1. I wanted to cry too but my sister was sitting right next to me so I had to contain it.
      I know. I looked it up and then stalked his profile on wikipedia. 😀 I’m even planning to watch his movies. 😀
      Have you read the sequel?

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      1. And I really don’t want the story to stretch and expand.I don’t want to know about her love life after Will. I know, it’s wrong and selfish but she can’t be with anyone but Will!

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