What am I reading right now?

Hello, Fellow Book-nerds!

How are you all? And how’s your reading going?

I’m gonna tell you today about the book I’m currently reading and whether I’m liking it or not!

So, my current read is…

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince


Yup, I’m reading it for the first time!

And do I love it or not? Of course, I love it so much! I love the Potter world so much! I’m on 530/608 page and I have just stopped reading it to update my blog.

Now, let’s get to the second thirdΒ question; what am I gonna read next?

I’ll finish this book today and after that, I’ll probably read Looking for Alaska by John Green.


Nope, I haven’t read that novel yet and that is because I tried reading it twice before but always stopped after 4-5 pages because of my ever-changing mood. To be honest, I didn’t find it as interesting as TFIOS or Paper Towns. But reading so many good reviews of my friends has changed my mind. So, I’ll probably read it after finishing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I have actually started reading this book and I have read I don’t know like 20 pages? But, anyway, I’ll start reading it tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow.

What do you nerds think? IsΒ Looking for AlaskaΒ your favourite? And do you like it? What are your currently reading?


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