Online Bookstores in Pakistan!

Hello, fellow Booknerds!
I am a Pakistani and I know the struggle of finding good bookstores. I prefer to buy used books with good condition. I have bought at least 6 used books this year and they don’t look any used and so I love them!
So, there aren’t many bookstores in Pakistan that offer new and just-released books. So, I went Β hunting about Online bookstores in Pakistan because honestly, there aren’t many updated bookstores here in my city. And I thought to share some of these with y’all. So, I want to start by telling you:
1. Liberty Books.
Most of us know Liberty books; they have their many stores in many malls of Karachi and Lahore. And I went to this store. It was a bit expensive and so, I only bought two books. But you can check out their stores because they have all the new and old books in stock! I have never actually bought any book from the online, but you can!
Click HERE for its website.
2. Readings
Readings is, certainly, my favourite bookstore, although, I’ve never gone to this bookstore because we’re in different cities. But, I will when I’ll visit Lahore, Insh’Allah. And there’s also a facility in readings that you can even sit down and read books in the bookstore. So, I order most of my books from readings website because 1. They’re not expensive. 2. They have a variety of books.
You can check its website HERE
3. Variety Books.
I have never ordered any book from them, but they do have a good website and a good collection of books! Also, their bookshelves are updated! You should check them out!
Click HERE for the website
4. Fabingo.
Fabingo is an online store. I don’t really know about the real one, but they have a good variety of books. They are well updated and the also let us keep a track on our orders. I have ordered three books from them. Two of which have arrived and one is still on the one. Shipping is fast at times and slow at others. But they do keep you updated about your order.
Click HERE for the website.
So that was all, humans. I have to go now.
Bye! πŸ™‚


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