Review : The Story of Awkward by R.k. Ryals

Blurb :

It’s actually about a girl named Perri – Peregrine Storke (I honestly have no idea how to pronounce her first name) wo gets transported to a world called Awkward which she drew or sketched in her childhood. And she gets transported to this world with her best friend’s brother who she hates because he used to make fun of her.

Review :

3.5 awkward stars 

It’s really a fun story but involving serious matters like bullying and verbal abuse etc.
Although, it’s kinda childish and lame at times but it was all I needed right now. A really cute story that was!
I, honestly, like it. The world of Awkward is really fabulous. And I also love the message this beautiful story has conveyed us; Embrace yourself. Embrace your awkwardness. You can also improve yourself. And don’t be so judgmental as the so-called villain can actually be a prince. This story literally teaches us so many things!
Also, if you liked Eleanor and Park then you’d definitely love it. It deals with same matters but the story is different.


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