Review : Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher


Okay, I see that this novel is very very popular but I don’t know why? It’s like really over-rated. I like the main idea but I’m gonna tell you first the reasons why I don’t like this novel
Note: I have many reasons why I don’t like this novel but I’m only going to mention 4 because I don’t want the review to be very long.
The reasons why I DON’T like this novel.
1. Hannah is over- sensitive.
Okay, I get it that there was a big rumour about her and she went through this and that and blah blah blah but I don’t see why she took all of this to her heart. She could confront the people or ignore it. But she really didn’t have to commit suicide because of it. C’mon we all get bullied at school or we all bully someone. I mean, we all are cruel to someone at some point or maybe someone’s cruel to us but that really doesn’t mean that we should die because of it. There are people who go through worse than this but they still live and struggling.
2. Hannah is selfish.
I also get the fact that she sent those tapes to the people in the list because she want them to know that they are the reasons she killed herself but isn’t that mean of her? She sent those tapes to the people and maybe these tapes will haunt and torment some of them forever. Now, lets see : We all have done something we regret but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to punish us our whole life for it. If she cared so much about her feelings why didn’t she care about others? Who knows the people in the list or atleast some of them are dying because of the guilt?
3. Why couldn’t anyone read the signs?
This is also very unbelievable thing. Everyone knows that she’s changing her appearance and giving away her possessions and everyone KNOWS when a person does this and everyone pays attention. They even discuss about it in their class. I can’t believe that the people were too blind to see this.


4. What about her parents?
Okay, I see that her parents are already worried but wouldn’t they make time for their daughter? This fact can also be included in my reason #2 because she should’ve at least given a thought about her parents for once.

Reason why I like this novel
Well, I don’t like this novel but I only like the main idea i.e how our words or actions affect a person’s life.

I have so much to write and express but I’m only gonna say that we should never even consider suicide. Suicide is the worst thing in this world. You really don’t have to rely others for your happiness. Just try to find the joy, beauty and happiness in little things because there are so many people in this world who would do anything to just live one more day. There are so many people who are fighting fatal diseases because they want to live. She had a life that is the biggest blessing of all and she didn’t value it at all.


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