First Day Of College!!

College is definately not what I expected it to be.

I always thought that College would be a good place and I’ll have a group of friends and we’ll enjoy so much but it’s not always what you expected it to be.

First of all, I must tell you that the education system in my country is different so college in my country includes grade 11 and grade 12. College means the two years of your life studying to get good grades so you’ll get admsission in a nice and renowned University and If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get scholarship.

So, I attend a different college than most of my friends and it’s actually very difficult because I’m socially awkward. I have a school friend here, my only friend here. But, unfortunately, we’re in different sections and tomorrow I’ll change my section from C to A. I’ll have to write an application for it so I’m hoping that my application gets accepted *fingers crossed*

So today when I went to College, it was nothing I expected. Full of girls (my college is only girls college) everywhere, group of friends everywhere and different noisy and weird  things NOTHING I EXPECTED. Then after assembly, when our sections were announced ( my section wasn’t annouced or announced but I didn’t hear it so I went to C section), we went to our classes. My class was a total mess NOTHING LIKE I EXPECTED The chairs were here and there wth no sequence or order even the students came in and sat in groups. Wow! I sat alone but a girl joined me, she was nice. We then went to the corner of the room because the area was very noisy and the girls were shouting and yelling. There, another girl came and sat with us (3 chairs, 3 girls, togerther). Teachers came and gave us a nice but obviously, boring lecture. The 5th bell rang and we went to the canteen which was a good one. But the problem was it was filled with so many girls, you’d hardly find a place to stand. I say you’d be lucky to even get the place and eat anything there. Me and my school friend explored the college which is not big and closed like a box but is better. Then, we came back and saw that the canteen was as packed as it was when we left but found a spot to sit and relax. So, yeah, I spent the day without eating and relied on my water bottle I bought the whole time. I was almost sleeping the time last bell rang. After I set my things in the bag, I went out, walked down the stairs, making my way to the gate and saw a horrible view : the stairs leading to the gate were packed and crowded with girls so much that you’d be lucky to even stand there without getting hurt. But, fortunately, I , somehow, found a way out and saw that my car wasn’t there. I go to college in a van and another girl of my age but different section go with me. Luckily, I found her actually she found me. After like 45 minutes, my van came and after 30 minutes, I was home. How cool was that!

It was all nothing I expected but it wasn’t that bad. I mean, I was lucky enough to survive the whole day! And I befriended many great people and I’m looking forward to more horrible adventures.

Wish me Luck! 🙂


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