Review : Secrets Room by Kim Faulks

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My Ratings : 5 out of 5 stars

My Review :
I received a digital copy of the book via the author and negalley in exchange for an honest review.

“The shit’s gonna turn nastier the longer we’re kept in here. We’re gonna need to trust one another to survive. I know this is a tough call, seeing as though we’ve just met, but as a man, I promise not to hurt you. I’ll watch your back, Wild Thing. The only thing I ask is that you watch mine.”
This book totally rocks. I loved reading it. This book is just like a roller-coaster of emotions; you’ll feel anger, love, excitement, joy, sorrow, horror while reading it.
This isn’t a typical love story. This is mind- blowing, breath-taking story – the one that will send chills through your spine.
Can you imagine yourself waking up in a room full of strangers with blood splattered everywhere? And you have no memory of how you got there? It’s terrifying but at the same time, thrilling.
But as the novel proceeds, we read about others’ secrets – big secrets. Everyone wants to fight, wants to get out of this bloody room but how can you get out of this prison when there’s not even a door or a window? There’s no water or food and you have to fight for your survival.
This novel is so unpredictable. You can’t even predict what’s gonna happen next or who will die next?
The story is perfect. It’s full of twists and turns. The characters are perfectly written . This is the kind of thriller and suspense novel you’ll really enjoy reading.
I like how Morgan and Slade remained together and stuck with each other till the end.
Kim Faulks, you’ve earned another fan!

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