Review : Girl on the Run by Jane Costello


My Ratings : 4 out of 5 stars

Summary : He’s a real catch . . . if only she could catch him up
Abby Rogers has been on health kicks before – they involve eating one blueberry muffin for breakfast instead of two. But since starting her own business, after watching one too many episodes of The Apprentice, the 28-year-old’s waistline has taken even more of a back seat than her long-neglected love life.
When Abby is encouraged to join her sporty best friend’s running club – by none other than its gorgeous new captain – she finds a mysterious compulsion to exercise.
Sadly, her first session doesn’t go to plan. Between the obscenely unflattering pink leggings, and the fact that her lungs feel as though they’ve been set on fire, she vows never to return.
Then her colleague Heidi turns up at work and makes a devastating announcement, one that will change her life – and Abby’s – forever

My Review :

I seriously love this novel. This is the first Jane Costello novel I’ve read and my experience is really good, actually. I loves her writing style and I cracked up lots of time and I was even smiling at times like a total retard. I really love how she explains every character and how well-developed they are. This book really got me hooked.

The characters are amazing. I like the main character, Abby, she’s very relatable. I mean, I also hate exercising or even running and I also love food. She’s fun and a little desperate sometimes but she’s good and caring. I love Tom and he’s seriously very charming, no doubt. I hate Oliver. He’s so flirty and he goes around flirting with every other girl. I mean, I can’t really understand why Abby obsesses over a guy like him? I hated him from the very beginning of the novel. Honestly, I didn’t even find him charming. And I can’t even imagine someone liking him.

The novel is very funny and very, very entertaining. It’s charming and enchanting and a kind of novel you’d love to read to escape the world and the bitter realities. Honestly, the novel is very realistic but amusing. I love the ending, it was complete and I love the way things worked out for everyone in the end.

So it’s fun and lovely. It was a pleasure to read this novel, and you should definitely read t. I know you won’t regret it. 🙂

Take care.

Goodbye x


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